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How Much Does Timber Decking Cost In Sydney?

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As you get ready to deck out your deck, you’ll want to be savvy to how your selections could add value to your home. In our all-things-decking guide, we’ll cover construction to cost and everything in between.

Adding a timber deck or upgrading your existing one is a wonderful way to bring new life into your outdoor space - but that doesn’t mean you want to pay through the nose for it.

Depending on the time of year and the weather, you can use a deck as an extension of your living space. And with a fairly temperate and warm climate year-round, decking is an especially great addition to homes in Sydney and throughout NSW.

Aside from your own creativity, budget and space (and any building regulations, of course) are the only limitations on the deck of your dreams. From basic platforms to decorative deck/pergola hybrids, you can design a space that’s all your own.

But how can you estimate the cost?

The price you pay for timber decking will largely depend on the material you choose and how big you make your deck.

To help you budget effectively, we’ll take a closer look at the cost of timber decking in this article. To give you a rough guide, the average price of timber decking can fall anywhere between $200-1,000 per square meter - which covers the materials, installation and hardware factored in. With such a wide range, you can see why it’s important to understand all of the components that come into play.

So let’s cut to the chase and talk timber!

Reasons to add timber decking to your Sydney home

We’ve already touched on the fact that decking can extend your living space, because this is the #1 reason Sydney homeowners are adding decking. Outdoor gatherings can be set up in style on a firm, level surface suitable for dining and relaxing.

For some, the basics are enough with room for seating and a cookout. For others, decks can become host to outdoor kitchens and secondary living areas.

Decking can also add up to 75% return on your investment when it comes to home equity because buyers like the appeal of already established outdoor spaces. As a bonus, timber decking can also make your yard look nicer and limit maintenance (think: less lawn for you to mow).

Timber decking in particular can be an affordable and long-lasting option, especially if you desire a larger deck overall. In fact, a timber deck can last you 20-50 years if properly cared for.

Better still, timber is more cost effective than composite decking and is much easier to care for than you may realise. Timber decking is also:

  • Easy to repair if a board becomes damaged
  • Durable with weather resistant sealants and coatings
  • Simple to maintain with regular cleaning and treatment
  • Blended into the natural landscape of your existing yard
  • More sustainable than composite or PVC materials

What adds up to the overall timber decking cost?

Almost no two decks are the same when it comes to the combination of size and materials. This also means that no two decks will be priced quite the same way, either.

For an accurate estimate on your project, you and the installer of your choice will have to settle on a number of factors to be able to price out the timber decking cost specific to you.


How big you want your new deck to be will dictate how the entire project is priced out. From labor to materials, everything will be estimated in terms of square metres.

You might be tempted to aim for the smaller end to save costs. However, you’ll spend more later on if you decide to expand. And it could be harder to match the exact material or finish of your existing timber once you look into that add-on.


Decking requires stable and regulation-compliant construction to affirm everyone’s safety during use.

The size of the deck you choose will dictate how many footings, bearers, joists, and posts will be needed to properly prop the decking up. These require brackets, nuts, bolts, and even concrete to create the right structure. An elevated deck or one built over an incline will also require more in terms of structure with longer supports and extra design elements to make it sturdy.


It can pay to be square.

The more basic the shape of your deck, the less complicated it is to cut down timber and place the supports for the decking. This, in turn, cuts down your costs. If you want a more custom shape, incorporate decorative elements, want built-in seating, or fancy balustrades, the cost will continue to rise accordingly due to labor and materials.


Make sure you take any potential plans to your local Sydney council to stay on the right side of building regulations in your area. There are often restrictions on decking size, proximity to property lines, and heights. Filing for these permits can cost money and a bit of time as well, so be sure to factor those costs in.


With an approved design comes the time to choose how you want your deck to look with regard to material. Timber is a general category: you get to pick the actual wood you’d like to use. This opens up an assortment of options. Some popular timber decking options and their advantages include:

  • Jarrah: Native to Australia, durable, and known to perform well in humidity
  • Treated Pine: Takes paint and oil well, pressure treated against termites and mold
  • Blackbutt: Bush fire-resistant, naturally weathers well, easy to stain with color
  • Spotted Gum: Sturdy and great for structural elements, dense and durable

How much does timber decking cost?

When it comes to the timber itself, you can estimate the costs based on the material you choose.

We’ve put together the below table to help you get a bit more of an idea as to how much your deck might cost.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to know the size of your planned decking in order to do the math. Everything is based on square metres, and don’t forget to factor in the installation since that is not included in the material price. For comparison, we also included the cost for composite or PVC decking.

If you’re looking for a basic 10 square metre deck, the blended cost will land between $3,600-5,500 on average. If you big and opt for a 40 square metre deck, you’re looking at spending $5,000-7,000.

MaterialAverage Price (per square metre)
Treated Pine$300 to $550
Hardwood$600 to $1500
Railings & Balustrades$2000 to $30 000
Roofing or Stairs$2000 to $30 000
Timber Balustrade$2000 to $8000
Glass Balustrade$5000 to $35 000
Sanding & Finishing$40/m2 to $60/m2

How much does timber decking cost to maintain?

Many homeowners worry that timber decking will be too high maintenance. While it’s true that you’ll need to care for your deck for it to last the 20-50 years of its potential, the work isn’t as labour-intensive as you might think.

Depending on the timber you choose, levels of exposure to the elements, and the pretreatment it has on installation, you’ll probably need to seal your decking once every 8-24 months. The process is simple. You can purchase the protectant yourself and roll it onto the decking in just a few hours. The materials to do this could cost between $200-$1000, again depending on the size of your deck.

You can also call a professional to reseal your deck regularly and give it a quick check. The factor here will be what you pay for labour. Based on the size of the deck, you could pay anywhere from $1200 to $5,000 for this service.

What you might not realise about timber decking

This all seems rather straightforward, right?

For the most part, it certainly is.

You can make your design and material selections, and a professional installer can make your timber decking a reality.

Choosing a licensed, insured, and experienced Sydney timber deck installer could be the difference in how long your deck actually lasts. You could be tempted to try to save a bit by going with a newer or less well-known company, but the savings you see now will not pay off in the repairs and maintenance down the line.

Aside from choosing the right installer, her are a few more things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to timber decking cost and design:

  • All decking should be at least 400mm off the ground to allow for proper ventilation.
  • Fasteners should all be rust-proof, stainless steel to create stability that lasts.
  • Pressure washing can actually damage your timber if using more than 3,000 psi, or used improperly
  • Timber decking can come with a limited product warranty to protect against defects.

Isn’t it time to get your new timber decking off the ground?

Creating new outdoor spaces should be a fun experience, not a stressful or hassle-filled one.

If you choose a licensed professional installer, they should be able to guide the way through a smooth building process. Be sure that any installer you choose is insured, and ask whether they offer any additional warranties for their work.

You’ll want to present your design and material ideas, and then get a timber decking cost estimate to help guide your decisions. You can always adjust before you build, but changing things later can just add to the cost (and the headaches). A 10 square metre deck will likely cost between $3,600 to $5,500 depending on the materials you choose.

Just remember that your timber decking is an investment in your home and family enjoyment that’s worth making.

In NSW, there’s no better timber decking installer than Sydney Floor Sanders. With nearly 70 years of experience, we’ve been helping families upgrade their outdoor living spaces with quality, custom decking made from the best timber available. We offer a wide range of options, hands-on design assistance, and 100% customer satisfaction with every job.

Our team of fully insured and ATFA-accredited installation experts can help with anything from material selection to maintenance. We’d love to hear from you about your timber decking project and share how we can create the space of your dreams. Book a free flooring consultation with us today or call us on 1300 767 909.