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Mar 29, 2021


If you have hardwood floors at home, you’ve probably asked yourself at one point if you should stain your floors. Staining your floor can instantly give your house a renewed look, but it’s not without its share of disadvantages. Before you call us in for a staining job, this nifty guide should help you decide whether you should stain your hardwood floors or not.

Feb 19, 2021


More and more people are choosing floating floors for their homes and enjoying the many benefits they have to offer. A floating floor is placed in a unique way, and instead of being secured with nails or glue, the floorboards are attached to each other. So what are the benefits of floating floor installations compared to the traditional ways of attaching the floors? Read on to find out.

Jan 14, 2021


If you’re looking for the kind of flooring that not only looks stunning but can withstand plenty of wear and tear, floating floorboards are the way forward. Over the past few years, floating floors have skyrocketed in popularity among Sydney home as well as business owners—and for very good reason.

Nov 20, 2020

Floor Sanding

Regardless of how well your home looks, if your timber floor is cracked or stained, the effect will be lost. People notice dirty and cracked floors immediately. And if a floor is not sanded and finished, it is going to be impossible to keep it clean. Dry, exposed timber will absorb all sorts of substances and smells. Which is one just one reason to consider sanding your timber flooring, sooner rather than later! Despite being relatively affordable, the effect on your flooring will be profound and you can Wow your guests by making the most of your timber.