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The Benefits of Floating Floor Installations

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More and more people are choosing floating floors for their homes and enjoying the many benefits they have to offer. A floating floor is placed in a unique way, and instead of being secured with nails or glue, the floorboards are attached to each other.

So what are the benefits of floating floor installations compared to the traditional ways of attaching the floors? Read on to find out.

#1 Saves You Money and Time

The first advantage of a floating floor lies in its installation process. Since the boards are easy to install, the process takes less time and is less expensive. That’s because less expert skills are needed, especially in contrast with traditional methods, and they can be installed over existing surfaces.

This is an excellent benefit for those who are planning home improvements on a tight budget and a limited timeframe.

#2 Easy Removal and Reuse

Imagine you’ve changed your mind about the flooring and you want to relocate it to a different place in the house. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it is, if you have a floor that is glued or nailed down and you don’t want to spend more of your funds on removing this floor and paying for a new one.

This is where having a floating floor is a massive advantage because it’s not attached to anything, so it’s very easy to pull it off or make any repairs if needed. You can also move it with you to a new house or use it in a different room. All you need to do is unlock the boards and relocate them.

#3 Long-Lasting and Durable

It may come as a surprise to some, but the floating floor is known for longevity and durability. It provides a secure and tight fit, leaving no gaps between the boards. The flooring material is also extremely resistant to moisture, so it will last for a long time, even in a place that gathers plenty of moisture, such as a basement.

Wear and tear shouldn’t be a concern either, because the flooring can be sanded and refinished by professional many times over its lifetime, depending on the thickness and material.

#4 Comfort

Comfort is often overlooked when it comes to picking out new flooring, but it is very important nevertheless. This is why floating floors are a great option for those who value being comfortable in their home.

But what makes them so comfortable? When walking on the floating floor, you’ll notice that it has some flexibility and give. That’s because they come with insulation - an underlayment barrier and an air cushion between the floating floorboard and substrate. This is especially beneficial for the knees and back

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